Angeline Aguinaldo

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I am a Computer Science PhD Student at the University of Maryland, College Park advised by William Regli [bio] with a focus in AI and robotics. I am interested in understanding how an environment influences what an agent can do in it. My current research seeks to formally model the affordance relation between a context-aware knowledge base and task plans using symmetric delta lenses.

I am also a research software engineer (What's a research software engineer?) at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory where I have designed and implemented prototype software platforms that support image analysis for humanitarian and disaster relief [ref], test and evaluation of metagenomic classifiers [ref], and data integration and analysis of social media and other publicly available information.

My topic areas of interest include category theory, robotics, software engineering design, computer vision, and geospatial information systems. My hobbies include musical theater and video editing.



2022 - now Topos Institute
2018 - now University of Maryland, College Park
2017 - now Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
2012 - 2017 Drexel University




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Co-organizer of Compositional Robotics: Mathematics and Tools (ICRA 2023 Workshop), 2023

Co-organizer of The Adjoint School, 2022-2023

Student of The Adjoint School, 2021

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